Law Consultant Services

This is our new product which integrates security, investigation and legal services. our lawyers/legal advocates are professionals in their fields as legal attorneys of our clients for both non-litigation and litigation purposes.

In the handling of legal cases we will give priority to the completion of the handling of the case by way of non-litigation and family or peace, before taking legal action either criminal or civil police to the court.

Our Legal Services:

Legal Aid / defense in litigation or non-litigation case
. Environment
. Mining & Coal
. Forestry
. Oil & Gas
. Banking
. Fraud and Embezzlement
. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic
. Falsification of documents
. Corruption
. Land

Legal Consultation
Provide legal consultation services to the client to ensure the client’s position in the case at hand and provide guidance and direction in the field of law on matters which should be prepared by the client when facing legal proceedings

Legal Due Diligent

Our Lawyer/Legal Consultant Team:

Merkorius SH, MH
. Served as a member of the Police on the Investigation Unit for 27 years from 1986 until 2012 that handle different types of crime
. Early retirement in August 2012 at the request of the Police Department itself
. In 2015 was appointed / sworn into Advocate at Advocate Organization Peradi

Antonio Hidayat SH

Safrudin Ekoproyo SE, MH

Nandang Rahmat SH