Security Training (Trusted & Certified Training Centre)

We are prepare our selected officer to politely handle and diffuse delicate situation in our trusted & certified training centre.

Our training center is located in kp. Cicadas, Gunung Putri Bogor was founded in 2009 with the consent of the national police headquarters were always audited every two years.

“Give Priority to Quality and Service Excellence” is our principle of education (GADA PRATAMA & GADA MADYA) for security personnel of GLOBAL SECONT or from outside parties. Our teaching staff are professionals in their field from both the military and police as well as from global secont management.

The learning method in accordance with the Police chief regulation number 18 of 2006 on security force training and curriculum, as well as annex “B” Police chief regulation number 24 of 2007 on the organization of security management systems of companies and / or the institution / agency.