To Become a Security Service Company Which Provides a Comprehensive Service.

To become a trusted partner in security matters to create a safe atmosphere

To help Customers achieve safer environment, safer feeling, and fulfills our’s mission to provide superior solutions for a secure atmosphere.

Keep providing service full of spirit, commitment and honesty by keep listening to Clients’ needs as well as giving a quick and correct response

Established in 1999, by H. Ronnie Hidayat Marikar, MBA who at present acts as the President Director of PT. GLOBAL SECONT (as the abbreviation of PT. Global Security Consultant).

Since its establishment, we has attracted much public interest for its success both in the field of investigation and Guard Management. Good relationship that is always maintained between company and the Police apparatus as well as with the Army supports us greatly in achieving success for each case it handles.

As one of the companies engaging in the industrial security, we still exists in its field amidst its many competitors and increasing business competition. Its wide cover-area, strong network with the success level of above 80 % supported by the experts in their fields, GLOBAL SECONT has attained many commissions from domestic and foreign companies to solve important cases. we are still working on its business development by reaching other territories /regions, such as Java Island, Bali Island, Lampung and Kalimantan.